Discussion guide for elementary kids on the Syrian refugee crisis

The Syrian Refugees educational booklet

You and I have heard lots on this world event in the past weeks. At the time I write this, few people know where this is leading us. We have seen tons of news reports and opinion clips from politicians and citizens alike stating their position and concerns on Syrian refugees. No doubt, no matter where you sit on the issue, you have been overwhelmed with heartwarming human compassion and outraged by the position and actions of others. Now, it’s time for you to hear from our future leaders.

I have published a discussion guide for elementary children on the refugee crisis.

I’m confident some of them will have better ideas and better statements than some of our leaders. I have published the internet version of the guide on my website. The first 8 pages of this discussion guide, reflect what is on the website and basically can be used as your presentation/lesson to kids.

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Here is a sample of the guide:

Worksheet on Syrian Refugees

Should You Help Refugees?

Many people in the world are calling this one of the “worst humanitarian crisis of all time.” It is predicted that the Syrian refugee population will grow even more without international help.

Is there a cost to help refugees?

Now that you understand the Syrian situation better, we can talk about this important question:

Is there a cost to help refugees? The video shows how some people in Germany are not accepting of refugees and also how others in Germany are helping the refugees.

The entire project is presented with colorful illustrations and links to the videos and references. I designed the booklet like a kid’s magazine and was mindful that it also printed well in black and white. So, it’s your choice whether or not you want to use the PDF or the printed version. There are five elementary grade activity sheets included in the booklet.   These are quite colorful but will do just as well in black and white.

Syrian Refugees Worksheets

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I am confident I am offering our kids a great presentation aimed at presenting the issues in a neutral manner appropriate for their age level. Both video and the quiz are suitable for public schools and will also make an awesome lesson for homeschooler as well. This is your chance to challenge those young minds with a topic at the forefront of our media. Enjoy!

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